Kasa PT



Trainee in Lisbon – Account & Management Intern (BTS Comptabilité et Gestion) at KOALA REST

“My name is Maria PEDRO, I am 22 years old, I am Angolan, I was a student at the Lycée Jean Moulin (ROUBAIX, France) for the preparation of my BTS degree in Accounting and Management. During the first year in 2021 I had to do an internship.

I benefited from the ERASMUS grant and I went to Lisbon to do a 9-week internship in the company Koala Rest. Throughout my internship I was accompanied by the association KASA PT, which helped me to find accommodation, the company, KASA PT also took care of the application for the transport card. During the 9 weeks that I was in Lisbon KASA PT accompanied me 100%, they were always there for me even for my personal steps. No matter what time I needed them, they were there to help me.

Thanks to KASA PT I had an unforgettable experience in Portugal and I plan to return.”