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Project C4T
Companies for Trainees
Encoraging companies to engage with transnational Work-based Learning
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Live your best moments in

We provide Mobilities programs to international students and professionals who wish to apply

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Discover, explore and
Create memories

Learn more about what you need to know to start this journey.

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Know the testimonials of our Trainees

See more about these amazing experiences that make this journey one of a kind.

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The history of KASA|PT

KASA|PT Hub, was inspired by the interior of CUSTOM CIRCUS trucks and trailers built with old military containers in an Upcycling & Road Culture architecture. Custom Ville is a stopover, small and simple on the inside, but vast in the history of those who participated in the Nirvana Studios adventure!

This new Hub resulted from a sinergy KASA|PT and Nirvana Studios and has 10 standard bungalows (each one can accommodate two trainees), and also a large multi-activity room (large kitchen, training area, etc).

Integration Day

This day is all about preparing the group for their new adventure!

Everytime KASAPT receives a new group of internees we promote the integration day. A special day that initiates a new cicle – the interns are given a full presentation of KASApt followed by introductory activities and games


We are Growing

2 years of KASA|PT and counting

KASA|PT has been able to live and grow thanks to the support and involvement of all its members and partners, but also its trainees ! We thank each of you for the help you could bring to KASA|PT, and hope it will last for a long time



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