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Language Courses

KASA|PT offers structured learning courses in English, French and Portuguese with experienced instructors.
The objective for learners is to discover, practice, exchange and to be aware of intercultural issues.


In addition, the association also offers activities for learners and trainees. These include welcome days, welcome parties, photo rallies, dance classes, culinary activities and games during quarantines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The creation of our Hub

In August 2022, KASA|PT created the KASA|PT Hub – the new KASA|PT reception place created to welcome our groups of trainees or others (short mobilities).

KASA|PT Hub is the result of a synergy between KASA|PT and the Center Culturel Alternatif Nirvana Studios (one of our main partners) and it is located in the Custom City of Nirvana Studios.

Custom Ville was inspired by the interior of CUSTOM CIRCUS trucks and trailers built with old military containers in an Upcycling & Road Culture architecture. They are dedicated to those who live beyond the banal daily comfort, people who are not rooted in monotony and who enrich us with their experiences. Custom Ville is a stopover, small and simple on the inside, but vast in the history of those who have participated in the Nirvana Studios adventure.

Our facilities are equipped with:

▪10 standard bungalows (each with kitchenette and bathroom);
▪ 10 bunk beds (so each bungalow can accommodate two people);
▪ Multi-activity room;
▪ Full equipped kitchen;
▪ Training space;
▪ A landry room;
▪ Vehicles that we can provide to facilitate travel (eg. shopping at the supermarket).

Main activities of the KASA|PT Hub:

▪ Professional training of animators;
▪ Welcoming groups of apprentices;
▪ Hosting activities such as international seminars, training courses, study tours, holiday centers, etc.



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