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Objectives: What we aim to achieve with the implementation of the project?

The C4T aims to encourage more companies to engage in Transnational Learning in a Work Context, promoting and opening up mobilities to a wide range of target groups, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, thereby contributing to social inclusion. We will strengthen environmental awareness by focusing on ecological practices for environmentally friendly mobilities, broadening horizons, increasing intercultural awareness of the added value of the EU and European citizenship.

Implementation: Which activities will be implemented?

We will implement 2 activities in this project. Firstly, we will proceed with the exchange of best practices for effective project management. Secondly, we will conduct research and analysis based on questionnaires in three countries. We will organize 3 transnational meetings, 6 Zoom conferences, and 18 collaborative video sessions. We will plan, organize, and evaluate a Focus Group and an in-person/remote conference in Germany, Ireland, and Portugal. We will actively involve 24 potential host companies, 9 institutions of vocational education and training, and 15 vocational education and training staff members.

Results: What outcomes are expected?

The C4T project will produce 1 main output: an Action Plan, with 3 sections, to encourage more companies to host interns from other countries for a period of transnational learning in a work context:

  • Perceived barriers by companies to hosting transnational work-based learning;
  • Proposals to encourage companies to engage in Transnational Work-Based Learning by hosting an intern from another country;
  • Benefits of TWBL for host companies, VET providers, and trainees.


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