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Ana Rita Dias, Project Coordinator EG8 Percursos Acompanhados

“The E8G Percursos Acompanhados (EG8 Accompanied Journeys) project received David Henriet, directly from France. David was with us for 3 months – April, May and June 2022. He arrived motivated to meet and interact with the children and young people of the project, having thought and streamlined various activities!

David, in addition to the various game ideas that he brought daily, overflowed with creativity, design and art! His talent was quickly recognized and appreciated by everyone, as well as much in demand-by the team and the participants. We loved integrating and getting to know David during his short stay! We hope, one day, to welcome you back to our project and repeat the dose of crêpes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work developed by the KASA|PT association!”



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